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Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania 720p English Subtitles [Updated]




Studio: Black Rhino. Born in the Fifties, Tom and Chris McKenzie were avid skateboarders when they moved to England. At school they formed a punk band and started to play the local record shops. After quitting school, the two brothers launched a new version of their band, doing their first tour by motorcycle. Little did they know that a full motorcycle tour was in preparation for the next year. Tom had a punk-rocker friend named Steve who suggested that the band could also record some punk songs. With no musical knowledge, Tom and Chris McKenzie started to play and record some punk songs at home. They also paid a visit to a local garage to record an EP they named The Tube. They began to receive some attention and were signed to a record label, but their label was bought by Universal, who was buying a company, this time hiring their executives. The official story of the record label acquisition was that it was made by their record label bosses and they decided to go in partnership with Universal and record some classic punk songs. The directors at the record label decided to test the waters with a few new projects and The Tube was one of them. The label executives had high expectations for their new product and The Tube was an instant hit. Soon the label started to request more from the two young men. They decided to start to develop the bands potential and started to create a new version of The Tube, a better one, a better sound one. Although they were trying to be good and behave as professionals, the executives were not happy about this new version. They didn't like the changes and decided to dump The Tube, recording two new songs instead. The executives quickly released the new version of the EP and it was a failure. The songwriters had a lot of difficulties with the executives and the record company. They hated what was happening. The songs were never released on any record, but the recording studio was full of sound recordings of the two songs that were never released. There was something that the record company was hiding from the public and Tom and Chris McKenzie were very curious about this. They started to ask around in London for somebody that might know something about this. A musician named Bruce Lingford found out about what was happening and contacted the brothers. Although they were quite skeptical about what Bruce had to tell them, the brothers were eager to find out what it was all about. Bruce mentioned to them that the first and best punk rock recording studio in London was owned by an old




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Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania 720p English Subtitles [Updated]

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